In my previous blog I have explained about what is Lambda expression which is introduced in Java 8. But in order to call the lambda expression, you need the functional interface.

A lot of people say that functional interface introduced in Java 8. I am not agree with that. Have…

What is Hibernate?

Hibernate is one of the most popular Java Frameworks that simplify the development of Java application to interact with the database. It is an Object-relational mapping (ORM) tool. Hibernate also provides a reference implementation of Java API.

In Java Standard Edition, we are using JDBC to connect…

Hello everyone,

Today I will be going to explain about Generics concept in Java programming language. Guys this is a awesome mechanism for type safety since Java JDK 1.5.

This mechanism only works in compile time. Simply, we can understand this concept using the example in below,

I just create…

Hello everyone,

Today I am going to talk about Lambda Expression(since JDK 1.8) of Java

The Lambda expression is used to provide the implementation of a functional interface. This is a replacement for the Anonymous inner class. The functional interface means it has only one abstract method. …

Hello guys,

Today I am gonna explain about Set classes in collection frameworks of Java.

In collection frameworks, you can use built-in functionalities to search the data, sort the data, insertion or deletion and lots of operations. In traditional data structures, you need to write those methods yourself. …

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Undergraduate@University of Moratuwa

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